The Best Incontinence Underwear For Women

Urinary incontinence is a common problem affecting millions of people. Over 44% of women between 20 and 80 years are affected by urinary incontinence annually.

Fortunately, there is good news for you if you have urinary incontinence. There are many choices of protective underwear for women that can help you enjoy daily activities without worrying about incontinence.

Why Are Incontinence Products Needed?

There are a few options to treat urinary incontinence. The primary treatments include medication, surgery, muscle training, lifestyle changes, medical devices, and absorbent products. Absorbent underwear helps manage the condition while offering a minimum risk of side effects.

Millions of people use incontinence products daily to manage urinary and bowel incontinence and protect their skin.

We have narrowed down the search for the best incontinence underwear for women to get you back to living your normal life.

Our Top Picks for the Best Incontinence Underwear for Women

1. Prevail Daily Underwear for Women

The Prevail Daily Pull-up works best for women with moderate or mild urinary incontinence. They come with strategically placed absorbent pads that provide additional protection against leakage.

This protective underwear also includes a breathable barrier that controls odors and MaxSorb Gel technology that keeps your skin dry.

Other features:

  • Made with soft cloth-like material for enhanced comfort.
  • Includes Maxsorb™ gel technology to absorb wetness and lock it away from the body.
  • Includes the Omni Odor Guard® to prevent odors.

2. Tranquility Premium OverNight™ Incontinence Underwear

Tranquility Premium OverNight™ Incontinence Underwear is easily one of the top-rated options for the best incontinence underwear for women.

Its heavy absorbent peach mat core offers maximum protection for urinary and bowel incontinence.

This underwear locks away liquid that results in dryness, neutralizes urine pH, and reduces odor while protecting sensitive and delicate skin from moisture damage.

The cuff guards offer an additional layer to protect against leakage, allowing extended time between changes. It is available in various sizes, from XS to 2XL.

Other features:

  • Breathable sides.
  • Full-rise waist panel for a more balanced fit.
  • Tear-away side seams that allow quick and easy removal.

3. TENA Super Protection, Overnight Underwear

TENA Super Protection Overnight is non-reusable underwear from TENA that is perfect for women, especially those who experience heavy leakage at night.

The excellent quality material prevents leakage while providing the comfort your regular underwear offers.

Other features:

  • Body-close fit, which directs the liquids away from the skin.
  • A wider pad at the bottom for increased absorbency.
  • Available in larger sizes, including XL.

4. Attends Underwear

Attends underwear comes with breathable side panels, a soft inner liner, and an elegant design that ensures excellent comfort.

It has a triple-tier moisture-locking system that provides outstanding performance and protection against leakage while managing odor and promoting skin wellness.

The flexible soft and comfy flex tabs clip anywhere for a tailored fitting.

Other features:

  • ConfidenceCuff protection.
  • Excellent absorbency core.
  • Exceptional softness.
  • Odor protection.

5. Prevail Per-Fit Daily Underwear

Prevail Per-Fit Daily Underwear works perfectly for protection and comfort. In addition, the product provides additional absorbency for long-lasting freshness.

The 360° breathable, cloth-like material helps you remain relaxed and comfortable by permitting air circulation. Prevail Per-Fit is available in Small, Medium, X, and XL sizes.

Other features:

  • QuickWick with MaxSoft™ to keep moisture away from your skin fast.
  • Comfort-shape that curve to your body for a more discreet fit.
  • Odor Guard™ to avoid odors before they begin.

6. Depend Fit-Flex Pull-Up For Women

Depend Fit-Flex Pull-up provides excellent protection against moderate to heavy incontinence. It protects against bladder leaks or minor bowel voids and is perfect for postpartum recovery. Its fit-flex fabric contains form-fitting Lycra that allows a perfect fit.

Other features:

  • Polymers to prevent odors.
  • A discreet design and a neutral color.

7. Mckesson Ultra Underwear

The Mckesson Ultra Underwear has an excellent absorbent core and an external wicking layer and is known to be a great option for incontinence underwear for women. The moisture-wicking material helps to control odor and draw wetness away from your skin while preventing leakage, and the inner leg cuffs deliver added leak protection.

This protective underwear also has a fast-dry formula design that utilizes cross-linking technology to maintain exceptional dryness.

Other features:

  • More comfortable shape.
  • Anti-leak guards for an additional level of protection.
  • Pull-up design appearances and textures like regular underwear.
  • Available in sizes from small to 2XL.

Features to Look for

When choosing the best incontinence underwear and adult diapers, there are several things you should consider. You might think absorbency is all that matters, but there are other important factors.


You should first pay attention to absorbency. Incontinence underwear comes in a range of options. Some are light (for irregular leaks), some are medium for moderate incontinence, and others are super for maximum protection. Higher absorbency usually means extra thickness.

Maximum absorbency allows you to do daily activities without worrying about leaks.


The outer layer should be another vital thing to consider. Poly-backed and cloth-like layers are the two main materials of incontinence underwear.

Poly-backed incontinence underwear is made with a plastic backing, while cloth-like incontinence underwear is made using a soft fabric material. Cloth-like incontinence underwear can also be “breathable,” which permits air circulation and promotes skin health.


Size is critical when it comes to performance. Incontinence underwear can frustrate you if you purchase the wrong size.

Some people think bigger sizes can hold more urine, but this is just a misconception. Wearing the right size is vital to performance and proper protection. If the product is too large, it can create openings that result in leaks.


The most available styles of disposable underwear for women are tape-tab style (disposable briefs) and pull-on styles. The pull-on style is just like regular underwear, while tape-tab style products use tape tabs for adjustability. Choose your style based on the following:

  • Convenience
  • Personal preference
  • Level of mobility

Some people prefer the tape-tab style since it can be firmly fastened many times and doesn't require stepping into the product like the pull-on style. Others prefer pull-on style disposable underwear since they are pulled on and off and permit users who can still use washrooms to continue using them.

Level of mobility can determine the best style of disposable underwear. The tape-tab style is best for people with mobility issues who must stay in bed because it is easier to change.

Patients with Alzheimer's disease, dementia, or related medical conditions prefer pull-ons because they are worn like traditional underwear, allowing for a simpler replacement process.

Their style should suit your pants and clothes so you feel confident when you're outside. It's good to note that the size of the incontinence underpants may vary from your standard underwear size.


For comfort, the side of the incontinence underwear should not hurt when worn, and the outer and inner layers should be soft for less irritability. Breathability is important for comfort and preventing skin irritation.

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