How To Choose Adult Diapers For Women: Read This Guide

There are many reasons why a woman might need to begin purchasing adult diapers for herself, none of which they should be embarrassed about. 

Adult diapers and incontinence products provide the ultimate protection against leakage and allow for a woman to go about her day without feeling insecure about what her body is going through. 

WellBefore provides relief from incontinence, both urine and fecal, as well as providing support to women in the later stages of their pregnancy. 

What Is An Adult Diaper?

 Adult Diaper

Simply put, an adult diaper is an incontinence solution that works in essentially the same way that a baby’s diaper would. It’s meant to capture and secure urine and fecal matter so as not to soil a person’s clothing, bed, or seat. 

They are meant to protect from leakage and to ensure comfort from any accidents while out in the public. 

Who Are Adult Diapers For?

Millions of women and men around the world deal with incontinence and an overactive bladder (known as OAB). Due to the many people who experience incontinence and OAB, this means that there is a product out there that will work for your individual needs. Incontinence and OAB are common and nothing to be ashamed about. 

There are many factors that can lead to needing an adult diaper, and you should be as confident and comfortable as possible while wearing one. 

Often, it’s assumed that diapers are for older people who have poor mobility or other illnesses that limit self-sufficiency. 

Women in the late stages of their pregnancies, women who have recently had a child, and women who have multiple children also deal with incontinence and leaks due to the increased pressure on the bladder, urethra, and pelvic floor muscles. 

Wearing a diaper can help to prevent you from having to change your underwear several times throughout the day, can protect you from the embarrassment of having an accident, and comfort you throughout the day knowing you’re in good hands. 

For women dealing with urinary or bowel incontinence due to illnesses like dementia or for having mobility impairment that makes it difficult to access a bathroom at any given time, adult diapers with maximum absorbency and odor control can provide extreme relief for both the wearer and the families of those suffering. 

Knowing that your loved one is being taken care of and won’t have to sit in soiled clothing can ease the stress of not being able to be around, taking care of them, all the time. 

When a woman is going through menopause, her body is producing less estrogen, which causes the lining of your urethra to thin, your pelvic floor weakens, and vaginal tissue becomes less elastic. 

These are not things that you can stop, but they are things that you can control. When exercising your muscles and changing your lifestyle doesn’t work, adult diapers are there to take care of you. Adult diapers for women come in different sizes and packaging to stay discreet.

When To Start Using Adult Diapers

For some, such as pregnant women and women who have recently given birth, there might be alternatives to help with leakage. There are liners with absorbent material that can attach to underwear to catch urine and overflow that might come out with a laugh or a simple sneeze. You might not feel that these mishaps interfere with daily life, so diapers might not be quite the next step. 

Regardless, if your incontinence is causing you to worry about when it might happen and how you’ll deal with it, then you’re someone who could benefit from adult diapers due to the security that they offer. 

For many, you will know that it’s time to start using adult diapers when it’s beginning to interfere with your daily life. If you can’t do normal activities like going to the grocery store, going for a walk with friends, and visiting with your family, then it’s time to consider buying some new products like disposable underwear. 

Another sign that you should begin wearing adult diapers is if your doctor recommends them to you. They have your best interest in mind and want to see you comfortable and healthy. There is no shame in being happy. 

The Two Main Kinds of Adult Diapers

The two main kinds of adult diapers are the pull-up versions and diapers with tabs. The pull-up diaper is moderately absorbent, breathable, and convenient, as it’s easier to change on your own. 

There is more independence required when using the pull-up diapers, but you will feel protected knowing that you can change in and out of them quickly, whenever you might need to. Pull-up adult diapers work best for urine incontinence because they absorb moisture and are easy to change in and out of, but might not be as secure for bowel incontinence. 

There are multiple kinds of pull-up adult diapers out there so that each consumer has options and the ability to find their perfect fit even if they have heavy incontinence.

An adult diaper with tabs will work better for you if you have someone there to help you with it. Unlike the pull-ups, these tab-style briefs require fastening of the tabs onto the material, which is not easy for someone to do for themselves. The tabs secure you in and provide, overall, better coverage from accidental leakage, but they do require more help to change in and out of. 

Due to their security, the adult diapers with tabs are safer for those who deal with fecal incontinence, because they typically leak less than pull-up brands and thus offer more incontinence protection. 

By being able to adjust the tabs onto the material to better fit the shape of the person, adult diapers with tabs are able to be more personal to you. You can make adjustments if you are uncomfortable or feel you need to be more securely tightened in. 

There are many adult diapers and briefs with refastenable tabs in different sizes and brands so that you can find the best fit.

Making Sure It Fits

It is essential that you buy a product that fits you properly, so that it will provide the ultimate security and comfort to you. If you wear a product that is too small, there will be negative effects on your skin. 

Irritation levels will rise while comfort levels will drop. Wearing a size that is too big would allow for gaps between your skin and the product, so leakage will still prevail. You should be comfortable in whichever product you choose.

To best figure out the size that would accommodate you or your loved best, measure the waist. Most products will have an indicator on the packaging about what waist size the product’s size will fit best. This is the easiest way to ensure that the product you receive will fit properly. 

Other Diaper Products for Women

If you’re someone who doesn’t feel comfortable or has trouble falling asleep at night with diapers on, there are booster pads that are great for overnight wear and offer easy removal. You can lay these pads down on your bed to avoid having to change your sheets every morning. Absorbent pads are also great for those who have mobility impairment because they also fit onto wheelchair seats. 

If you are uncomfortable wearing the bulkier diapers that we have for maximum strength, there is lightweight reusable protective underwear that is quieter, more discreet, and very comfortable while still working to wick away wetness. 

Products similar to these, like incontinence briefs or disposable briefs, should be used for urinary incontinence only, due to the fact that they do not provide maximum strength and cannot fully protect from fecal incontinence

Where To Buy Adult Diapers for Women

Here at WellBefore we offer several products that are aimed at making you feel even more confident than you did before. We don’t want incontinence of any kind to dull your spirit. 

WellBefore has multiple brands and products that are aimed at taking care of your individual needs and offering hours of protection. We are here to answer any questions that you might have, so please feel free to reach out to a representative to discuss products, pricing, or whatever it is you might need.

WellBefore is proud to offer discounted rates to police, military, healthcare, and front-line personnel. We also offer FSA and HSA approved products. 

Final Thoughts

Women who wear adult diapers, incontinence pads, and leak guards are women who love themselves, and even active adults can struggle with incontinence. They want to take care of themselves and allow themselves to continue to live a normal life with minimal discomfort and maximum dignity. They are tired of having incontinence control their daily lives, keeping them from feeling confident. 

There are products out there for you so you don’t have to feel alone in this battle. If you think you’d benefit from wearing absorbent adult diapers, don’t be afraid to consult your doctor to discuss what’s right for you. Make sure you take into consideration sizing, comfortability, and your symptoms. These all could impact which product is going to be the right one for you. 

Don’t be afraid to take back your happiness and freedom!


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