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AOK 20180021-L N95 Respirator Face Cup Mask

This NIOSH approved N95 respirator face cup mask has a cup shape design and provides a very close facial fit. This mask blocks at least 95 percent of particles that are 0.3 microns in size or larger. It is designed to protect you from breathing in tiny particles that may contain viruses. The NIOSH approval information is stamped on the outside of each mask. Both of the head straps have an adjustable nose piece, so the mask can provide a tight fit for various face shapes.


  • NIOSH Approved
  • Model: 20180021-L
  • NIOSH Approval: TC-84A-9236
  • The lot number shown in the picture of the mask may not be the same as the lot number of the masks you will receive. Lot numbers differ from time to time.
  • Orders under 10 pieces or in increments that are less than 10 pieces will not include the original box.
  • N95 NIOSH approved for ≥ 95% filtration efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols
  • Helps protect against dust, influenza bacteria, and other harmful airborne particles
  • 2 Adjustable nose clips for tighter seal
  • Adjustable Elastic head bands have enough elasticity to achieve a good seal.
  • Size: Large size currently available. 14 x 12.5 cms (height x width)
  • Type: Head Straps - Over the head

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Customer Reviews

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Great masks!

I’m a school teacher in NY and have been double masking since we opened for in-person instruction in September. I feel even more confident while in school with my new 9N5 mask! Great quality and fit!

Awesome share!! We're glad you liked them! Stay safe. :)

Quality masks, fast shipping

They are just what we needed. Super fast shipping and affordable price. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for choosing us! stay safe!

AOK N95 Masks

Purchased 6 for the purpose of evaluation. All went well with the ordering and delivery process. Time will tell as to the quality of the masks. No issues are anticipated. They appear to be high-quality items.

Thank you so much for choosing us! stay safe!

Large size good for 6’ male

I live in a major US city and wanted to increase my mask level in response to the new COVID variants. Only Large was available when I ordered, and as expected, they fit my husband who is 6’ 180 lbs, but are too loose on me (5’4” 130) to make a seal. Shipped quickly and safely packaged. Many Shipping notifications too, which is helpful in an urban area.

Thanks so much for your review! Maybe other models can help a better fit. Can't wait to see you again!

Verified N 95

I was skeptical but based on all the data, it does appear this N95 is approved by the NIOSH, FDA, and CDC. Hard item to come by!

We like to follow the rules for our clients. Thank you for your feedback!

Great for large faces!

I ordered large masks for my boyfriend who is an essential worker. He's had a heard time with masks throughout this whole pandemic because they are nearly always too small for his face. These fit him well! Obviously they still fit tight to form a seal, but they are large enough to cover his mouth, nose, and chin comfortably. I'm a woman with a fairly large head but these masks are way too big to form a seal around my face.

That is awesome feedback to take! Thanks very much for letting us know how they fit both of you!

Purchased 3 items

We purchased 3 different mask X 4 per item and Wellbefore is the BEST! However, the support is amazing from the day purchased to the arrival. We received emails from packing, travel time, to the day it will be in our door!! Great Job! More to order ... & referred to families!

Thanks a bunch for your warm review! We are honored that you trusted us for your PPE needs


Very good sevice

We're happy to always give the best service we can. Thank you and stay safe!

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