Biatain® Super Hydrocapillary Tan Adhesive Dressing, 8 x 8 Inch - 1 Box of 10

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  • Suitable for highly exuding wounds: Fast absorption, distribution and retention of exudate enable full utilization of the absorption capacity with minimal risk of maceration and leakage, even for highly exuding wounds
  • Optimal moist wound healing environment: The hydrocapillary pad rapidly absorbs exudate vertically and distributes it horizontally
  • The dressings ensure an optimal moist wound healing environment
  • Mode of action: The superabsorbent particles absorb and retain high amounts of exudate
  • Fibers distribute the exudate through the pad to maximize absorption
  • A high moisture vapor transmission rate contributes to the superior exudate management capabilities
  • Composition: Biatain Super consists of a superabsorbent hydrocapillary pad with a semi-permeable, water- and bacteria proof top film, a hydrocolloid component for the adhesion and a nonadhesive wound contact layer

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