Freezer Pop Clear Advantage® HydraICE™ 47 mL Individually Wrapped Pineapple Flavor Ready to Use Mildly Thick

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  • Created through an innovative partnership between the Thick-It® dysphagia nutrition and Sqwincher® hydration solutions brands, Clear Advantage® HydraICE™ Electrolyte Freezer Pops are a unique and appealing way to provide electrolytes to help with hydration
  • Pineapple-flavored HydraICE™ Electrolyte Freezer Pops are a fun and refreshing option adding variety to the typical foods and beverages routinely consumed
  • The freezer pops are a great option for everyone, including those with swallowing difficulties
  • Easy to hold and eat—simply cut or tear at the line and consume
  • Pre-thickened and IDDSI-compliant in Level 2 (mildly thick)Bformula

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