Makrite 9600 N95 - NIOSH Approved - Respirator Face Mask

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About this item:

  • High quality protection
  • NIOSH-approved
  • Reliable particulate filtration
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Adjustable for proper fit

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Makrite® 9600 N95 Respirator Face Mask

If you are looking for highly rated N95 facepiece respirators, you can purchase the Makrite 9600 N96 Respirator Face Mask to ensure the utmost protection and particulate filtration against potentially hazardous airborne particles and solid material. 

Though COVID-19 is still something we must protect ourselves from, using this mask can also be useful for occupational safety in settings where hazardous material and debris could potentially be damaging. 

WellBefore supplies this mask and others like it to provide a variety of options for our customers, but if you are in need of a reliable product, this is a great place to start!

Product Details

The Makrite 9600 N95 Respirator Face Mask has five layers of respiratory protection, providing multiple layers of prevention of particles from passing through. These masks are intended to protect against solid materials like minerals, coal, iron ore, flour, and other substances. 

This mask is NIOSH-approved because it has a 95 percent filtration efficiency from airborne particles entering or exerting your mask. This mask will provide reliable protection and a high filter efficiency level from contracting illnesses or inhaling toxic debris, so consider this mask if you work in an environment where you need a high level of protection from exposure, such as health care settings.

The Makrite 9600 N95 Respirator Face Masks are extremely durable and have a soft and comfortable inner surface that makes the mask comfortable and long-lasting. These masks also have an adjustable nose piece and secure head straps to provide a proper fit. This mask comes in a small and regular fit. 

This design has a cup shape that can reduce storage space and allow the user to travel comfortably, knowing that they have protection. 

Product Use

This product is meant to be used in settings where you need secure protection from airborne particles, pollutants, allergens, or hazardous material. 

These disposable particulate respirators  are approved for use in hospital settings, so if you work with an infectious disease or COVID-19 unit, these are an excellent choice for you and your team. To use this material, you should determine if it will work well with your face shape, with no gaps between your skin and the mask. 

As opposed to a reusable respirator, if you are wearing the Makrite 9600 N95 Respirator Face Mask where there could be infectious airborne particles, then you should use a new mask daily according to instructions. 

For even more protection from airborne particles, WellBefore is one of the only vendors of the new N99 mask which has also gone through NIOSH testing. This mask has a 99 percent filtration efficiency, and can offer a high level of protection to health care workers and others.

Buying From WellBefore

If you haven’t purchased from us before, the most important thing to know is that our goal is to provide you with personal protective equipment that you can count on. Protection is essential right now, and you should feel secure knowing that your KN95 masks, N99, or N95 mask can keep you safe. 

We provide discounts to front-line workers, healthcare professionals, and military personnel for personal protective equipment and make sure to ship out your orders within 48 business hours. Reach out to a WellBefore representative if you have any questions regarding this product or any other products. We are always here to help!


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