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Great fit, stays off nostrils and mouth!

This "duckbill" or "pouch" respirator is a brilliantly simple design, as shown in the online photos. It gives a smooth, snug, comfortable fit around the periphery. It molds well to the nose bridge with a stay made of two parallel wires, like the double-wire twist ties used to secure roll-top bags of coffee. It stays secure with two, pull-out, elastic head/neck straps that have a texture like crepe paper, for better grip. And thanks to its geometry and thickness, it stays well off the nostrils and mouth during even heavy inhalation. (For exercising or singing, use of double-sided sticky tape under the chin could help secure the fit.) Among three people in my family of European ethnicity, we all achieved a secure, comfortable fit despite great variation in head size and shape, and in jaw size and shape. (Our sample includes two narrow, "tall" heads, one in adult hat size XS and one in size XL, plus one medium-sized, flatter, rounder head with a small chin). The only drawback I can see with this design is a somewhat reduced field of vision to either side of the nose, when looking well down. It's not enough to impede reading at a desk but might obstruct the view of sidewalk cracks immediately underfoot.

Thank you so much for your detailed experience with the product! Great to hear that! Stay safe!

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