Superfeet® 3/4 Length Insole, For Women's Shoe Size 8½ - 10; Men's size 12 and Larger

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  • Made for women's flat shoes and boots with a heel height of 1 inch or less
  • Instant drop-in comfort
  • No trimming required, for easy fit and wear
  • Patented orthotic design: Contoured Superfeet shape helps stabilize and support the foot, which can help reduce stress on feet, ankles and knees
  • Slim fit: Made for dress, casual and business shoes with a heel height of 1 inch or less
  • Durable construction: Superfeet insoles keep their shape, delivering reliable support and comfort for up to 12 months or 500 miles, whichever comes first
  • Microsuede top: Reduces friction and rubbing to help prevent blisters and hot spots
  • Antimicrobial coating: Eliminates odor-causing bacteria

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