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Adult Diapers: Fast & Discreet Shipping
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Adult Diapers: Fast & Discreet Shipping

Adult Diapers

Adult diapers are absorbent underpants used for managing long-term or short-term urinary and bowel incontinence. Made with highly absorbent materials, our selection of adult diapers capture medium to heavy urine and fecal discharge, allowing the wearer to go about their day without worry of leakage.

Our selection of adult diapers are designed to look and feel like normal underwear, and can be conveniently concealed under clothing. They offer a breathable design with odor control, and urine pH neutralization.

Find quality protective underwear, bladder control pads, diapers with tabs, incontinence briefs, pull-up diapers, and more, designed for men and women managing fecal and urinary incontinence.

Absorbency Levels

Incontinence supplies like adult diapers come in a range of absorbency levels. Choosing the best adult diapers depends on your needs, whether you experience incontinence and leaks frequently or sparingly.

  • Light Absorbency: This is ideal for minimal leaks or small accidents that occur when sneezing, coughing, or laughing.
  • Moderate Absorbency: This is best for managing significant leakage throughout the day.
  • Heavy Absorbency: This level is suitable for managing heavy urine or fecal incontinence.
  • Ultra Heavy Absorbency/Overnight: This is ideal for overnight use or for assisting adults who have lost full control of their bladder.

Enjoy your peace of mind and overall wellness with appropriately absorbent incontinence protection. These adult diapers feature odor control, anti-leak guards, and breathable technology for better comfort and mobility. The soft, gentle materials prevent skin irritation for all-day use. You can also choose to add booster pads for extra protection and support against heavy incontinence and severe leakage.

Styles and Sizes

These a diapers offer a secure fit and an easy-to-remove design to ensure comfort and convenience for people managing incontinence daily, especially those with limited mobility. When choosing the right adult diaper, you have to select the best style that allows for easy removal and changing.

Pull-ups are ideal for people with an active lifestyle who have light to medium incontinence. This design also comes with heavy absorbency to prevent leaks at night.

Refastenable tab-style briefs have maximum absorbency, are great for overnight use, and allow a caregiver to change a bedridden patient easily. They are best for you or your loved ones who want custom-fit incontinence products with odor eliminators and absorbent power for both daytime and overnight wear, with the convenience of tear-away sides.

Sizes also vary from XS to 5XL for different body types. Most designs feature adjustable tabs that are easy to use for caregivers, and are best for those with limited mobility.

Shop Pull-ups and Adult Briefs

Adult briefs and pull-up underwear fit and feel just like regular underwear, restoring the dignity and security to those who suffer from adult incontinence. With powerful absorbency levels to prevent leakage, all while wicking away moisture from the skin, our heavy protection products are ideal for active people who need higher absorbency levels.

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