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Cardinal Health Pads - Incontinence Supplies
Cardinal Health Pads - Incontinence Supplies

Cardinal Health Pads

Cardinal Health bladder control pads are a suitable option for adult patients who need incontinence protection but do not require a full disposable brief or panty. These pads feature a polymer core that effectively traps wetness, while its intuitive shape fits a wide range of individuals. The unisex design makes them suitable for both males and females.

Bladder control pads provide a discreet and convenient solution for managing light to moderate incontinence. They are easy to use, comfortable and provide extra protection for those who require it. They are designed to be worn comfortably and discreetly under regular underwear, giving the users freedom to live their daily life without worrying about leakage.

Why Choose Health Pads

Using a health pad offers an easy solution for patients with temporary incontinence issues caused by medication or surgery. The super absorbent core of Cardinal Health bladder control pads provides extra absorbency to stop leaks while the cloth-like texture makes it comfortable to wear.

Unlike larger, potentially bulkier incontinence products, an incontinence pad that attaches with an adhesive strip offers a discreet solution for both genders. These bladder control pads trap and retain light bladder leaks and keep the patient's skin dry. Choose from various sizes and options.

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