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Incontinence Pads & Bed Pads: Fast & Discreet Shipping
Incontinence Pads & Bed Pads: Fast & Discreet Shipping

Incontinence Pads

Support Urinary Incontinence

Incontinence pads are absorbent products designed to absorb urine and bowel incontinence leaks during the day and overnight, all while remaining discreet and not causing any discomfort. Some pads have a sticky strip on the back that helps them stay attached to underwear, while other pads are large enough to remain securely in place without any extra help. Some women prefer pads with a sticky strip, while others find that the larger pads stay in place just fine without any help.

Incontinence Pads for Every Need

Whether you are recovering from surgery, dealing with prostate issues, experiencing postpartum leaks, or anything in between, incontinence pads provide the security to keep your furniture, bed, and sheets dry. They are designed to prevent overnight leaks and mask unwanted odors. There are various options for pads and tampons that offer different levels of protection, depending on how much absorbency you need.

  • Light Absorbency: This is ideal for light leakage or small accidents that occur when sneezing, coughing, or laughing.
  • Moderate Absorbency: This is best for managing moderate to significant leakage throughout the day.
  • Heavy Absorbency: This level is suitable for managing heavy urine or bowel leakage.
  • Ultra Heavy Absorbency/Overnight: This is ideal for extra protection or overnight use, or for assisting adults who have lost full control of their bladder.

Incontinence Pad Features

The best incontinence products will have features that make users feel confident and secure, such as being discreet and comfortable. In addition, they will also be easy to use and durable. Products that are highly absorbent are good at getting rid of bad smells, taking away moisture to keep sensitive skin dry and healthy, and stopping urine leaks that can happen when a person has light, moderate, or severe incontinence.

Most incontinence pads have a plastic backing that attaches to underwear and helps the pad stay securely in place during your daily activities. This allows those suffering from leaks to continue living normally without any worries.

Absorbent Pads for Overnight Protection

For those experiencing heavy incontinence or complete loss of bladder control, overnight incontinence pads with high absorbency levels can protect bedding from becoming soiled, without being excessively bulky or uncomfortable to wear. These pads are designed to protect against incontinence issues at night, so you can sleep soundly without worrying about undesirable leaks or stains on your clothing or bedding.

Booster Pads for Extra Protection

For people who need even more absorbency and protection, a booster pad is an extra layer of absorbency that can be added to an existing incontinence product or adult diaper. Booster pads offer more security and protection to avoid leakage and unpleasant odors, if one feels the pads or diapers aren't enough on their own.

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