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Kids Masks

Finding the right mask is hard, but finding one for your child can be even more difficult. Masks can be too big or even too small, too tight or too loose, and when it comes to children, finding a mask that can be comfortable and worn for prolonged periods of time is essential. 

It’s important that a mask fits correctly around your face, the tip of your chin, and the bridge of your nose so it can help protect us from any potential illnesses. If the width of the mask or height of the mask is too large or too small, your mask may have gaps around the edges that can let particles in. 

Children can have a more challenging time getting accustomed to their masks, but once you find the mask size  that fits them perfectly, you can feel better knowing your child is safe and secure with a snug fit and seal!

WellBefore supplies multiple different children’s face masks that are great for those with smaller face sizes. Each of the face masks that we carry has various purposes. If you need an everyday surgical mask, we have that! If you need something a little more sturdy or protective, we carry a KN95 mask and a Face Shield. 

Kids 3 Ply - Adjustable - Individually Wrapped

These individually wrapped face masks are extremely comfortable and breathable. These are great for children because they can be put in a backpack or lunchbox without the worry of it soiling. The three layers of this mask do a great job at keeping your child protected regardless of gender or cheekbone shape, as well as keeping their germs to themselves.

The kid’s 3-ply adjustable masks are great because they have adjustable ear straps that let you make the mask tighter or looser across the top of your nose, depending on the width of your face and how you’d like it to fit. This is a handy feature for kids, as you can change tightness to create a more comfortable wear and proper fit for their specific face shape.

Kids (Petite Faces) KN95 - Adjustable - Individually Wrapped

If you are looking for the ultimate protection, the petite faces KN95 adjustable masks are perfect for those with a smaller face or narrow faces. These KN95 masks can filter out 95 percent of airborne particles but cannot be worn in medical settings as they are not NIOSH-approved (for medical approval you need FDA clearance). 

Despite this, they provide the same protections as the American standard N95 masks, but the new n99 mask may offer the most efficient filtration of all of your options.

The petite faces KN95 disposable masks are comfortable, adjustable, and protective with great coverage and a secure fit. They are a great investment to make to ensure your family’s safety, and are more effective than conventional medical masks. 

WellBefore Kids Adjustable Face Shield

If you are looking for an easy-to-clean, protective, and secure mask, you can consider getting the kid’s adjustable face shield. These face shields are made to protect from spray and splatter, making them easy to clean off as well. 
This mask is comfortable to wear, despite its plastic shield! It has elastic headbands that wrap around your head and a foam strap that goes against your forehead for maximum comfort. These fit a smaller face, and primarily those up until the age of 14 years who may need an adult size shield to cover the bottom of the chin. Consider using these to protect your family!

Shopping With WellBefore

Transparency and protection are two of the most important things to us here at WellBefore. We offer our manufacturer documents to anyone that wants to see them, so just reach out to a representative so we can answer your questions!

WellBerore is a supplier of multiple kinds of personal protective equipment (PPE), so we have the right product for you and your loved ones; we just have to find out which product that is!


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