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Petite Faces KN95 - Adjustable - Individually Wrapped

For those of you with small faces, you know the struggle to find a small face mask that fits properly without being too tight or still too small. Luckily, WellBefore supplies our consumers with well-fitting face masks that provide virus protection and comfort for those who need them!

Petite Faces Breathable KN95 Adjustable Face Mask

The Petite Faces Breathable KN95 Adjustable Face Mask is made to protect. Like other KN95 masks, this mask is meant to keep airborne particles and droplets out of your breathing passages. This mask helps to keep you healthy at the same time that it provides comfort. 

It can be difficult to find properly fitted masks when you have a smaller-sized face. Having an adjustable filtration mask is a great way to find a solution for those struggling, and luckily we have the product for you!

Product Details

As opposed to reusable face masks or cotton masks, the Petite Faces Breathable KN95 Adjustable Face Mask has extra protection with five different layers of non-woven fabric for protection that work together for breathability while keeping particles from coming in. 

It’s important to note that if you purchase the X-Small-sized mask, it will only come with four layers of protection, though this does not make a difference in protection for the wearer. They have adjustable ear loops that allow you to tighten them to fit around your ears perfectly for a secure fit.

You can feel comforted knowing that these face coverings  have not been used by anyone and are sterile because they come individually wrapped up. This ensures cleanliness and complete protection from contamination, coronavirus, and germs. You can easily grab them and stuff them in backpacks, purses, or wallets without them getting damaged while waiting to be used.

These medical-grade masks are also very skin-friendly and the moisture-wicking inner layer is soft on your skin, so you can feel secure in them if you have sensitive skin! This product can be used in various settings and has a snug fit that works against air pollutants, pollen, COVID-19, allergies, and dust particles that can lead to infection. 

Purchasing Masks From WellBefore

You can purchase the Petite Faces Breathable KN95 Adjustable Face Mask in three different sizes on the WellBefore site. We carry X-Small, Small, and Regular kids’ sizes so that you have options to choose from. We are proud to supply a plethora of lightweight  masks that can help to protect you from all sorts of airborne illnesses. 

At WellBefore, we want to provide you with everything you need, from customer service to manufacturer documents to just answering any questions you have about our products. If you want paperwork as proof that your masks are legitimate, we can send that paperwork your way, no problem. We stand by our high-quality products and have nothing to hide.

These masks are not recommended for surgical settings or any environment where you may be exposed to liquid, bodily fluids, or hazardous fluids. If you are looking for a more effective mask, the N99 mask can provide 99 percent efficiency against particles. The Petite Faces Breathable KN95 masks are not considered N95 masks. This product should not be used by anyone who has difficulties breathing or has other medical conditions.

We supply personal protective equipment (PPE) all across the United States. We aim to ship most of our products within 48 hours of purchasing so you can be protected sooner. If you have any questions, please reach out to one of our representatives. We want you to be protected and safe from illness, so we will work with you to find your perfect product!


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