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McKesson Adult Diapers & Briefs
McKesson Adult Diapers & Briefs

McKesson Adult Diapers & Briefs

McKesson adult diapers are exceptional continence products for any adult facing incontinence issues. The McKesson Ultra Briefs are designed to keep the wearer comfortable, whether while they're sleeping or traveling.

The inner and outer material increases the effectiveness of adult diapers by providing improved odor control, skin wellness, and advanced dual-core performance. The flexible hook makes putting on and removing these products easy.

Features of the McKesson Adult Diapers and Briefs

McKesson adult diapers and adult briefs have exceptional features that make these incontinence products outstanding. Here are the features:

Options such as the McKesson Ultra Briefs contain a cloth-like outer fabric that provides comfort and reduces the risk of skin irritation. Some have specialized functional zones that enhance performance, including a Blue McKesson Strip that promotes skin dryness and odor control.

Some diapers feature a fecal containment zone to lock up loose stool for added comfort and healthier skin. The ventilated panels allow for better airflow, preventing heat buildup, and the soft material construction reduces rustling noise. These diapers have advanced closure tabs that make them easy to secure and adjust the fit, without the need for plastic tape landing zones.

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