KN95 - 3D Style Adjustable w/ Foam Nose Strip

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3D Style Black KN95 Mask With Foam Nose Strip & Adjustable Ear Loops - FDA Registered
  • FDA Registered
  • Adjustable Ear Loops
  • 95%+ Filtration Efficiency
  • 5 Quality Layers of Protection
  • Comfortable Nose Foam (Reduces Fogging)
  • Manufacturer Documents Available Upon Request
  • Type: Ear loops - Around the ear

We've taken the same exact materials from best selling & highest rated KN95 mask and revamped the design! Our 3D KN95 mask currently comes in the color black with more colors on the way.

Adjustable: This 3D KN95 mask has adjustable ear loops to guarantee a tight fit.

Reduced Fogging + Comfortable Foam Nose Strip: This 3D KN95 mask has a nose foam strip for maximum comfort and reduces fogging of glasses.

5 Layers: This 3D KN95 Mask has 5 premium layers including 3 Melt Blown layers + 2 Non-Woven layers

Style: Stand out from the crowd with our sacrificing protection with our 3D KN95 Mask style!

Individually Wrapped, Compact Size: We've packed these masks individually for maximum protection + decreased size of the package so it will easily fit in your pockets!

Fit: Small to Medium face, Regular size. ~23.9cm (width) x 11.9cm (height)

Our 3D KN95 mask has 5 strong layers of protection including 3 premium quality melt blown layers. The elastic straps have been reinforced with a strong heat press for a very strong hold, not like those other masks that snap when you try to put them on.

Our 3D KN95 mask has a smooth texture ensuring a comfortable, all day long fit for first responders. It also comes with a flexible nose pin for a tighter fit during high density situations.

Our Disposable 3D KN95 comes with layers of non-woven fabric. They contain breathable properties, are skin-friendly and soft. This product can be used in various settings and works against air pollutants, pollen, allergies and dust particles. They all have an elastic band that loops around each ear to stay fit in place.

For those who skew towards a smaller sized face, we encourage you to check out our Kids KN95 masks which fit some adults as well.

Lab Results, SGS and FDA Registration - We have nothing to hide, reach out to us and we'll send you all the paperwork you require to prove that our masks are legitimate and of highest quality.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews

Great, love it. I recommend and will purchase again. I'm very relieved to have found an easy source for masks that I trust.


Perfect fit and comfortable. The adjustable ear-loops makes for a tight but breathable fit.

Thank you so much for choosing us! have a great day!

Great fit!

Great fit, no gaps. And the adjustable ear straps are a big bonus!

It´s great to see you found a great mask for yourself! stay safe!

Room to breathe & adjustable

Very happy with these masks! I’ve been wearing another brand of KN95 that did not have adjustable ear loops or the pleated design; makes a big difference! I can have Chapstick or lipgloss on without it getting all over the inside of the mask. I can tighten it up after I have it on to make sure it’s secured, and there is a good secure fit around the chin and the bridge of the nose. But the nose piece is more malleable than other masks and fits very well to round the bridge of your nose. It also folds up well to use again that day after I’ve gotten back in my car or taking it off for any period of time.

Thanks for your kind words! We are extremely happy to hear about your experience with these masks!

Most affordable and safe masks on the market

I would and will easily repurchase through this brand only. I know it’s shipped out of Dallas, Tx. They have wonderful customer service. I’ve never had a mask break or snap. They’ve all been comfortable but most importantly, they’ve kept me and my loved ones safe.

I was so freaking impressed I made a video for anyone interested.

On behalf us all of us at WellBefore, I would like to thank you for sharing this great review about our PPE!


KN95 - 3D Style Adjustable w/ Foam Nose Strip

Thank you for your rating!

great products and service

The masks are of high quality. I ordered from this company twice and both times the service was superb, the deliveries very fast.

We are glad to hear that! Thank you so much for choosing us! Stay safe!

Great facemasks

These are exactly what we were looking for for our high-school aged son. They fit well, and being individually wrapped is super helpful for keeping track of them. I have been ordering from Well Before since the spring and I appreciate consistently good customer service and reliable, quick shipping.

We are glad to hear that! Thank you so much for your comment and five-star rating! Stay safe!

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