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Surgical Gloves: Durable & In-Stock
Surgical Gloves: Durable & In-Stock

Surgical Gloves

Surgical procedures require maximum infection control, and our selection of Polyisoprene, and Polychloroprene, and Latex surgical gloves have a variety of features well suited for medical settings. These surgical gloves protect from contamination with durability and sterile materials.

You won't have to worry about gloves that are prone to dangerous rips that lead to infection, nor gloves that let substances through and cause chemical exposure. Whether you're looking for exam-grade gloves or high-quality surgical gloves, our selection has got you covered.

Features and Benefits

Synthetic surgical gloves are often the go-to for healthcare professionals, such as surgeons, nurses, and those working in biomedical labs. They're known for their superior durability and protection, and are latex-free. They offer good sensitivity when worn, as well as superior puncture and tear resistance, making them ideal for use as medical exam gloves and for conducting a surgical procedure.

We offer a wide selection of latex and neoprene surgical gloves if you are looking for alternative materials. Latex is also a tough and contamination-resistant material, and can be more cost-effective.

Find the Right Surgical Glove for Your Needs

Pathogens are everywhere, so durable, comfortable, and sterile gloves are essential for every surgeon to keep your patients and staff safe with reliable protection. Shop our FDA-approved gloves for medical procedures, exams, and more, plus you can get discounts when you order surgical gloves in bulk!