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TENA Diapers for Adults - WellBefore
TENA Diapers for Adults - WellBefore

TENA Diapers

TENA adult diapers are designed to provide superior incontinence care, with high-quality construction and advanced core technology for maximum comfort and efficiency. Choose the absorption capacity for your needs, from moderate absorbency to overnight protection.

TENA adult diapers are designed to promote healthy skin, and they have adjustable tabs for a secure and custom fit, which enhances both leakage protection and overall comfort.

Features of TENA Adult Diapers

TENA adult diapers offer quality incontinence control with the following features:

  • Triple Protection for Skin Health: The triple protection technology ensures that the diapers are dry, soft, and have maximum leakage protection.
  • FeelDry Advanced Technology: TENA adult diapers use FeelDry Advanced technology to maximize the diaper's dryness. The top sheet and the distribution layer draw liquid away from the skin and redirect it to the core for maximum drying.
  • Highly Absorbent Core: To ensure maximum leakage prevention, the core is designed to have high absorbency and effectively redirect liquid away from the skin.
  • Breathable Material: TENA adult diapers are made with breathable material that promotes healthy skin by allowing for maximum air circulation and ensuring comfort for the wearer.
  • Extra-Wide Hooks for a Comfortable Fit: The extra-wide hooks allow you to adjust the diapers for a perfect fit, for optimal protection and comfort.
  • Wetness Indicator: TENA adult diapers feature a convenient wetness indicator that changes to help the wearer to easily determine when a change is necessary

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