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TENA Underwear - Adult Incontinence
TENA Underwear - Adult Incontinence

TENA Underwear

TENA incontinence underwear provides discreet and reliable assistance for individuals with incontinence issues. Designed to look like regular underwear, the TENA products are not only comfortable to wear, but also reliable in their absorbency.

TENA incontinence underwear uses absorbent patches to ensure confidence and reliability during use. The adjustable tabs ensure a perfect and comfortable fit with advanced odor protection technology for maximum comfort and confidence.

Features of TENA Underwear

TENA is a reputable brand when it comes to incontinence underwear.

  • Regular Underwear Design: TENA underwear is designed to look like regular underwear, while still providing maximum absorbency, leak protection, and odor protection, as well as promoting skin health.
  • Triple Protection: The underwear features super absorbent polymers that provide three levels of protection against bladder leaks, urine odor, and wetness.
  • Various Absorbency Levels: This incontinence underwear is suitable for individuals with moderate or severe incontinence challenges, offering different absorbency level options
  • Perfect for Any Setting: TENA products are made of highly absorbent, soft and breathable materials, making them comfortable to wear. The discreet nature of the underwear also makes it ideal to wear in any setting.

TENA underwear is the solution for incontinence issues, no matter their severity. Buy high-absorbency TENA underwear at WellBefore and enjoy discreet, fast shipping and excellent customer service.