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Tranquility Pads - Incontinence Products
Tranquility Pads - Incontinence Products

Tranquility Pads

Tranquility pads offer customizable options to meet individual incontinence needs, with various absorbency levels—from light to heavy flow— and sizes to choose from. The soft peach core redirects fluid, while the two embossed channels promote skin dryness and reduce odor.

These pads are designed with a cup shape, gentle elasticity, and a secure fit for added protection and comfort. An adhesive strip allows for secure placement and extended use, and the pads are moisture-proof for added peace of mind

Features of Tranquility Pads

Tranquility incontinence pads are a premium solution for managing incontinence. These disposable pads utilize absorbent polymers to quickly and effectively direct fluid to a specialized core that neutralizes pH levels and reduces odors.

The pads feature a secure fit and a moisture-proof design to protect delicate skin from the effects of wetness. An adhesive strip is included for secure placement, and the pads are designed for ultimate absorbency and odor reduction. Suitable for both men and women with mild or stress incontinence and an active lifestyle, these pads are latex-free for added safety and comfort.

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