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Vinyl Gloves: Durable & In-Stock
Vinyl Gloves: Durable & In-Stock

Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are a staple in the food industry and are a great option for low-risk tasks in many fields. They're also relatively inexpensive compared to other options, like latex and nitrile gloves. They're good to have on hand for those who suffer from latex allergies, as vinyl gloves are completely latex-free and help in avoiding skin irritation.

Features and Benefits

Vinyl gloves greatly complement food preparation and handling because they can be used for a wide range of restaurant or kitchen-related tasks, such as prep cooking, handling food, serving, and general cleaning tasks.

Wearing gloves in a restaurant or commercial kitchen is necessary to protect customers and food service workers from the potential spread of germs or contaminants. It also protects staff from the harsh cleaners and disinfectants they handle on a daily basis. Vinyl gloves are more cost-effective than others, and are practical options for jobs that require frequent changes of disposable gloves.

We offer standard vinyl gloves with anti-static properties, ambidextrous designs, and protection against latex allergies. Our selection includes multi-purpose vinyl gloves that fit comfortably and offer a high level of dexterity and durability at affordable prices.

Shop Disposable Vinyl Gloves for Residential, Commercial, and Medical Use

Our selection of powder-free vinyl gloves can be used as exam gloves and protect you against non-hazardous materials in various commercial environments, offering adequate resistance against low-intensity cleaners and chemicals. These disposable gloves are ideal for long periods of use with their durable material, smooth finish, and comfortable fit. Browse our selection of FDA-approved disposable PVC gloves for medical exam and food service applications.

Vinyl Exam Gloves