It feels surreal doesn't it?

That our entire world suddenly woke up with our lives at risk with an enemy that we cannot see, touch or feel. But this enemy can see us, infect us and put our lives at risk. This virus appeared out of thin air, risking the health and wellbeing of everyone.

We have been asked, at times forced, to stay locked indoors, shut down our businesses and even stay far away from all our beloved family and friends.

And what followed immediately after that? Shortages of essential personal protective equipment (PPE), fake or counterfeit masks, and of course, shameful price gouging on all PPE.

We woke up one day and realized that enough was enough. We had to do something about the price gouging and quality of the products, especially for our first responders, essential workers and you, our customer.

Our family pulled in all our resources, connections and decades worth of experience in overseas manufacturing to bring more PPE to the market at the competitive prices with low minimum order quantities for all customers around the world. 

Our promise to our customers is that we will always be honest and transparent with what we're selling, where it's made, what certifications we have and if it's the right product for them. 

We are not motivated by greed, we are motivated by saving lives. We care about you.

  • Sohail Sohail
  • Javier Javier
  • Shaz Shaz

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