Actimove Rhizo Forte Left Thumb Support

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About this item:

  • Reliable support with high comfort
  • Frees fingers and wrist while restricting thumb
  • Adaptable aluminum core for custom fit
  • Easy one-hand fastening
  • Dirt and water resistant

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Actimove Rhizo Forte Left Thumb Support - Finger and Thumb - Thumb Support

  • Design and functionality provide reliable support for the injured area, along with high comfort
  • Special construction effectively restricts thumb adduction, while leaving the four fingers and the wrist to move freely
  • Adaptable aluminum core makes it easy to optimally fit the immobilizer to the individual hand shape
  • Fasteners/closures which mean the brace can be easily secured with one hand
  • Selected materials and the low-profile design with smooth edges contribute to maximum comfort
  • Dirt and water resistant and can be dried easily
  • Small size: 1-3/4 to 2-1/8 inches from base of thumb to center of lower palm
  • Gray
Thumb Support Actimove® Rhizo Forte Small Finger Gray

Actimove® Rhizo Forte Left Thumb Support, Small,

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