Adjust-A-Heel Lift Heel Lift

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Male 6 to 8 / Female 8 to 10
1 Each

About this item:

  • Reduces Achilles tendonitis pain
  • Elevates calcaneus to reduce heel strain
  • Adjustable height with removable layers
  • Soft, durable material
  • Fits a variety of shoe sizes

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Adjust-A-Heel Lift Heel Lift - Ankle, Foot and Toe - Heel Lift

  • Reduces strain to ease Achilles'\'' tendonitis pain
  • Elevates calcaneus (a tarsal bone that in humans is the large bone of the heel) to ease plantar fascia strain and heel pain
  • 0.375 inch total thickness includes two removable ⅛-inch layers to adjust height
  • Soft, durable construction
  • Medium fits those who wear women'\''s shoes, size 8 – 10, or men'\''s shoes, size 6 – 8
Heel Lift PediFix® Peel-Away™ Medium Without Fastening Male 6 to 8 / Female 8 to 10 Foot

Adjust-A-Heel Lift™ Heel Lift, Medium,


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