Breathable 3D Silicone Mask Bracket Inner Support Frame

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Breathable 3D Silicone Mask Bracket Inner Support Frame For Adults & Kids

Lipstick Make-up Protection: Package comes with a unique style face guards inner support. These 3D Face Bracket has an ergonomic design to protect lipstick makeup and more breathable in the hot day. The size fits the size of most people's faces, which protects the lipstick or makeup from being wiped off by the wearer.

You Can Breathe! - This 3D face shields bracket saves space when wearing it. It separates the mouth and the face shields. The face inner support frame can increase breathability and provides space to make breathing smoother. No longer have to be afraid of wearing any face shields in the hot summer day!

Premium and Safe Material: This 3D face frame support is made of food-grade PE material, which is soft, smooth, and comfortable to wear. No smell, non-toxic, harmless, safe for all ages, non-irritating to the skin, and it's washable and reusable.

Keeping Your Face Clean: Maintaining this 3D face shields support is easy and it can last for a very good amount of time. Effective in preventing messing up the lipstick and foundation. 3D face bracket - nasal face pad separate the mouth and the face guards to keep the inside of the guards clean and make the guards reusable.

Wide Variety of Use: These 3D Face support bracket frame is designed specifically for your comfort. Can be used as a shield to protect smudging of lipstick and make up, lessen fogginess of eyeglasses, and better breathability. This face bracket support can be placed inside all types of face guards, safe and non-toxic, and fits people of all ages.

Our 3D Mask Bracket comes in Two Sizes:

Regular: 3.4in x 4.3in x 1.6in (8.5cm x 10.8cm x 4.0cm)

Large: 3.54in x 4.33in x 1.97in (8.99cm x 11cm x 5cm)

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Good fitting mask support

This support device is light, fairly flexible, yet not floppy, and fits well around the nose and mouth, just the right amount of protrusion into the mask. It appears designed for an average face, and some customers with larger faces find it acceptable, too. If you have a smaller or narrow face as I do, without full cheeks or width, it will still work well: **just lightly fold it over for a second (without making a crease!) and it will then adhere more tightly.** I could suggest a bit more malleable softness on the nose-bridge portion, which is a wee bit stiff. This supplier of PPE is first-rate, providing excellent products and unusually fine service, shipping quickly.

Thank you so much for choosing us! we really appreciate this great review and all the feedback provided, it helps us improve every time! thank you! stay safe!


Breathable 3D Silicone Mask Bracket Inner Support Frame

Customer service

The customer service at Wellbefore is top notch. They go above and beyond.
It should be the standard for all customer service.

Many thanks for your kind review!!


They work really well. It provides space between your face and the actual mask, making it a lot easier to breath.

Indeed the mask bracket helps a lot to provide more space to breathe and talk!

Great fit for my son

These mask fit great on my son. The other mask fit to close on his face and he kept taking them off.

We are super happy to hear these fit him! Thank you!

Silicon face bracket

Love it. Wore about an hour in a store. I can breathe and when removed did not see any remnant facial imprint from it. Highly recommended!!!!!

Its our pleasure to provide PPE! thank you for your review!

High Quality, Fast Shipping, Good Prices, Comfortable and Well-made Masks

I am very pleased with these KN95 masks. They shipped right away, and are providing good protection for my family. The masks are very comfortable yet sturdy! I have recommended them to all my friends and family.

Thank you so much for your kind feedback! We're happy knowing our dear customers are happy with the quality products we offer. Stay safe.

Works Great

This makes it easier to keep the mask on for longer time periods because it gives more breathing room!

Thank you! its great to know you found the items that you needed!

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