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Clorox Healthcare Disinfectant & Deodorizer - Cleaners and Disinfectants -

  • Clorox Healthcare® Citrace® hospital disinfectant and deodorizer works on hard and soft surfaces such as furniture and countertops
  • The strong formula kills multiple types of bacteria and viruses in 5 minutes or less, including SARS-CoV-2
  • The Citrace® disinfectant spray also kills athlete's foot fungus to prevent spread
  • Clorox Healthcare® disinfectant spray prevents the growth of mildew and mold on soft, porous surfaces
  • A light citrus fragrance disperses quickly to leave fresh, disinfected surfaces without aroma
Clorox Healthcare® Citrace® Surface Disinfectant Alcohol Based Aerosol Spray Liquid 14 oz. Can Citrus Scent

Clorox Healthcare Citrace Surface Disinfectant, Citrus Scent, 14 oz

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