Dynarex Non-woven Drain Sponges

Our Customers love WellBefore!

Our Customers love WellBefore!

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4 X 4 Inch
Box of 25

$4.76 ($0.19 / pc) One-Time Purchase


Dynarex Non-woven Drain Sponges - General Wound Care - Drain Sponge

  • 4 x 4 inches
  • Six ply
  • Because they're pre-cut, there's no need for additional instruments
  • Sterile, highly absorbent and packed two per peel-down pouch for convenient aseptic handling
  • 25 pouches per box
Split Sponge Dynarex Nonwoven 4 X 4 Inch Sterile

dynarex® Nonwoven Drain Sponge, 4 x 4 Inch


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