Dynarex Personal Cleansing Wipes

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Our Customers love WellBefore!

40,000+ Reviews
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Dynarex Personal Cleansing Wipes - Personal Wipes - Personal Wipe

  • The personal wipes are made of spunlace material for durability and a soft feel
  • Dynarex® pre-moistened washcloths contain lanolin and aloe vera skin conditioners to condition the skin
  • The washcloths are alcohol-free to prevent irritation
  • No scents, fragrances or odors are left behind after use
  • These wipes come in a tub with a snap closure that prevents them from drying out
  • Soft pack refills are available
Personal Wipe DynaCare Tub Scented 46 Count

Dynarex Personal Cleansing Wipes, Aloe/Lanolin Scented, Tub


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