Ensure Original Therapeutic Nutrition Shake Oral Supplement

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About this item:

  • Aids recovery from malnutrition
  • Contains 9g of protein per serving
  • Rich in 27 vitamins and minerals
  • Plant-based omega-3 for heart health
  • No gluten or lactose, halal and kosher

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Ensure Original Therapeutic Nutrition Shake Oral Supplement - Oral Supplements - Oral Supplement

  • The Ensure Original therapeutic nutrition shake helps the body recover from malnutrition and involuntary weight loss
  • Each 8-ounce serving contains 9 grams of protein, supporting muscle restoration
  • The shake is a good source of 27 vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D and calcium for bone health and vitamin C for immune support
  • Plant-based omega-3 fatty acids maintain a healthy heart
  • Each shake is quick and easy to prepare, with no mixing required
  • The Ensure original nutrition vanilla shake contains no gluten or lactose and meets halal and kosher dietary requirements
Oral Supplement Ensure® Original Therapeutic Nutrition Shake Vanilla Flavor Liquid 8 oz. Reclosable Carton

Ensure® Original Vanilla Therapeutic Nutrition, 8-ounce carton,


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