Evenflo® Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump Kit

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  • What's included: Advanced double electric breast pump, 2 30.5-mm flange kits, 2 28-mm soft flange inserts, two 5 fl. oz. milk collection bottles, 2 cap rings and sealing discs, 2 extra valves and membranes, AC adapter, balance + standard slow flow nipple, instructions for use
  • Independent speed and suction controls allow user to mimic baby's nursing pattern. These controls are designed to help new moms have multiple milk releases (letdowns) and ensure they get the most milk out of each pumping session
  • The flange is the part of the pump placed against breast: multiple flange sizes are included. The right size flange not only gives a comfortable, more gentle pumping experience and more milk
  • Closed system design makes pump hygienic, easy to clean and helps prevent milk back up in the tubing and pump motor, keeping parts clean, dry and functioning properly. Having a quiet pump and multiple power sources give the flexibility to pump in any location

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