Exos Form™ Back Brace, Small / Medium

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Here are great in stock alternatives:

  • Provides superior sagittal and coronal control and support from T9 to S1
  • V-STX™ material: A patented, thermoformable material used with the posterior, anterior and lordotic inserts, allows for customization and ideal fit
  • ComfortCORE™ Foam: Conforms to contours of body, adjusts instantly to individual movements
  • Diamond2 Grid™ delivers a more durable, longer-wearing brace
  • Boa Technology: Independent superior and inferior compression delivered through an innovative closure system
  • Adjustable belt wings: Modifiable belt accommodates varying body structures for optimal fit
  • Semi-universal sizing: Removable circumference tape allows for accurate sizing
  • Small/medium size is for those with waists 28 - 50 inches who are 5'9" or shorter

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