Expedite Oral Supplement

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Our Customers love WellBefore!

40,000+ Reviews
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Expedite Oral Supplement - Oral Supplements - Oral Supplement

  • Expedite is a liquid wound supplement with the powerful combination of dipeptides and L-citrulline to support wound healing
  • Expedite has a peach mango flavor that is a treat for the taste buds
  • Blend of high concentration collagen dipeptides and citrulline enhances collagen synthesis and encourages nitric oxide production to support the healing process
  • One bottle contains 60 mL of Expedite ready-to-drink medical food
Oral Supplement Expedite Peach Mango Flavor Liquid 2 oz. Bottle

Expedite™ Mango-Peach Oral Supplement, 2-ounce bottle


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