Fortis Entrust Crescent Barrier Extension Strips

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About this item:

  • Clear visibility to monitor skin
  • Three-piece design for easy placement
  • Maintains healthy skin around stoma
  • Super thin with stretch for movement
  • Water resistant for prolonged wear

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Fortis Entrust Crescent Barrier Extension Strips - Ostomy Accessories -

  • Clear to help monitor skin and be able to detect leaks before they are an issue
  • Three pieces make it easier to place the product, especially to accommodate hernias – additional strips can be used if needed for larger areas
  • Skin friendly, helps maintain healthy skin around stoma
  • May help eliminate need to use skin protectant
  • Super thin and stretches allowing for freedom of movement without bulk or feeling restrained
  • Stretches with the skin as it expands and contracts due to hernia or blockage to help keep appliance firmly in place
  • Can be used under appliance for additional skin protection
  • Water resistant to help prolong wear time swimming or being active
  • Easy to remove with wafer/barrier, adhesive remover not usually needed
  • Safe to use with Fortis and other ostomy brands
Crescent Barrier Extension Strip Entrust

Entrust™ Crescent Barrier Extension Strip


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