Glytrol® Ready to Hang Tube Feeding Formula, 33.8 oz. Bag

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About this item:

  • Balanced formulation for glycemic control
  • Elevated protein for lean body mass
  • Blend of soluble and insoluble fiber
  • Suitable for lactose intolerance, gluten-free, kosher
  • Nutritional support for diabetes and hyperglycemia

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  • Balanced formulation to help support glycemic control
  • Elevated protein to support lean body mass
  • Fiber blend includes PREBIO™ soluble fiber to help promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and insoluble fiber to help support normal bowel function
  • Includes 10 grams soluble and 5.2 grams insoluble fiber/L
  • Suitable for these diets: lactose intolerance, gluten-free, kosher
  • Not for individuals with galactosemia
  • Provides nutritional support for individuals with diabetes, abnormal glucose tolerance, or hyperglycemia

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