Harley L-288 N95 Cup Mask - NIOSH Approved

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Harley L-288 N95 Cup Mask
  • NIOSH Approved
  • Model: L-288
  • NIOSH Approval: TC-84A-7228
  • The lot number shown in the picture of the mask may not be the same as the lot number of the masks you will receive. Lot numbers differ from time to time.
  • Orders under 20 pieces or in increments that are less than 20 pieces will not include the original box.
  • FDA Authorization of all NIOSH approved masks for healthcare use
  • NPPTL Testing Registration
  • Contains no components made from natural rubber latex
  • Size: ~11.43cm (Round-shape)
  • Type: Head Straps - Over the head

Premium quality Harley L-288 N95 face masks are NIOSH certified that filter at least 95% airborne particles that are non-oil based. Harley L-288 N95 masks, are lightweight in construction to promote greater worker acceptance and help increase wear time. Harley N95 masks are made of several layers of special non-woven polypropylene (synthetic polymer) fabric. This fabric is produced by melt blowing and forms the inner filtration layer in the N95 mask that filters out hazardous particles.

Filter safety masks such as Harley N95 mask are used in the following industries: Commercial Buildings, Construction, Design & Construction, Food Processing, Food Safety, General Manufacturing, Heavy Infrastructure, Mining, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Medical Facilities, Hospitals, etc.

  • Three-Layers SPP+MB+SPP non-woven
  • Comfortable SPP non-woven outer layer
  • Meltblown non-woven inner layer
  • 0.672% average max leakage (NIOSH)
  • Eco-friendly water-soluble

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