HemoCue Hematology Analyzer Cleaner

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Our Customers love WellBefore!

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HemoCue Hematology Analyzer Cleaner - Clinical Analyzer Accessories - Hematology Analyzer Cleaner

  • Hemocue cleaners are intended for cleaning the cover glasses of the optronic unit for the Hemocue photometers and analyzers: They effectively clean the optical lens by absorbing the blood without smearing it
  • Hemocue cleaners are made of a lint and fiber free material that is highly absorbent and moistened with a cleaning solution
  • Sponge is made of polyurethane foam, covered by microfiber fabric and pre-saturated with a cleaning solution
  • Five cleaners per box
Hematology Analyzer Cleaner Hemocue® For Cleaning the Optronic Unit of several HemoCue Analyzers

Hemocue® Instrument Cleaner


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