3D (KF94 Style) KN95 Mask With Adjustable Ear Loops

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Not every mask you try on will fit you, but in some cases, this can mean that it won’t provide the ultimate protection. You need a mask that will not only protect you but also fit you properly. Keeping prevention in mind, by wearing a mask, you can limit your exposure to the newest strain of COVID-19 called the omicron variant. 

With this in mind, WellBefore has taken the well-known KN95 masks and made some adjustments to the design to create a comfortable, breathable, and protective mask that everyone will love. It beats a regular cloth mask that may not offer as much protection.

Face masks are essential right now, but you shouldn’t compromise your comfort for a mask! You can purchase your next favorite face mask right here with some guidance from WellBefore.

Product Details

Implementation Standard: GB2626-2019

Implementation Standard

Available sizes:

  • Small: Width: 5.1 in, Height: 4.35 in
  • Regular: Width: 5.5 in, Height: 5.1 in

Face Measurement Guide

The 3D (KF94 Style) KN95 Mask is a great mask to choose if you are someone who struggles with finding the right fit. This mask follows the KF94 standard, which is the South Korean equivalent of the Chinese KN95. Both the KF94 and KN95 offer similar protection to America’s N95, with slight differences in style. 

Most notably, the KF94 has side flaps that make it easier to seal to your face’s unique contours. It’s important that your mask fits snuggly on your face so that you can ensure your protection from airborne particles and bacteria. 

The KF94 also includes an adjustable nose band which helps secure a tighter fit, and it comes with adjustable ear loops that allow you to tighten the masks when you need them. As the KF94 is created for public use in Korea, it’s optimized for day-to-day wear. Think of the KF94 as a highly effective blend of an N95 and your most trusted cloth mask.

How Is the KF94 Designed?

This mask comes with four layers of quality protection. These layers help to filter out airborne infectious particles, pollen, and toxins. 

The straps are put on with a heat press that helps to provide a stronger hold and is less likely to snap when you put them around your head. We also understand that protection is key, so we have individually wrapped each mask to ensure you are the first to use it!

The KF94 is also a 3D style, meaning that it has a rounded shape that fits around the face more comfortably. These masks provide the utmost space for breathing and allow for greater airflow. This mask comes in a regular size, which can fit faces small to medium best, but does fit better depending on how you adjust the ear loops. 

We provide manufacturer documents on all of our products, so reach out to a representative if you want more information!

FDA Registration

FDA Registration

These masks are not approved to be used in medical settings in the United States. You should not wear these masks if you are going to be in a setting where it is a high-risk environment for infectious disease, excess bodily fluids, or in a surgical setting.

Note on KF94 and KN95

As mentioned above, it is important to note that this mask is not an N95. The KF94 is the Korean equivalent to the KN95 face mask, which is itself the Chinese equivalent of the American N95. 

KN95 and KF94 face masks are not approved to be used in medical settings in the United States. You should not wear these masks if you are going to be in a setting where it is a high-risk environment for infectious disease, excess bodily fluids, or in a surgical setting. 

While these masks still provide the same protections as an N95, the KN95 and KF94 are foreign equivalents to the American N95, so they aren’t given the same stamp of approval as the N95 by American government entities.

Test Report (Click Image to Expand)

Shopping With WellBefore

WellBefore is proud to offer 48 business hours shipping on our personal protective equipment (PPE) because we know how important it is to get your products as soon as possible. Protection is essential, and we want to make it easy for you!

If you have any questions about the 3D Style (KF94) Black KN95 Mask With Adjustable Ear Loops or any other products we carry, please reach out to a WellBefore representative to answer your questions! 

We carry a wide array of masks in addition to the KN95 mask, such as the N95 mask, respirator masks like the N95 respirator, and other masks that are FDA cleared and NIOSH approved.


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