McKesson Charged Microscope Slide

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Our Customers love WellBefore!

40,000+ Reviews
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McKesson Charged Microscope Slide - Microscope Slides - Charged Microscope Slide

  • The ground edge slide with 90° corners is perfect for use in automatic cover slip machines
  • Charged microscope slides provide the ideal surface for cell and tissue adhesion
  • Just what you need for use in histology, cytology and pathology departments, where the convenience of an adhesive slide saves the user time and money
  • Color coded on one end, one side
  • They are pre-cleaned and ready to use
Charged Microscope Slide McKesson 25 X 75 X 1 mm White Frosted End

McKesson Glass Microscope Slide, 25 x 75 x 1 mm


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