McKesson Thera Antifungal Body Powder

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McKesson Thera Antifungal Body Powder - Anti-Itch and Antifungals -

  • Designed to help treat most common fungal infections, including athlete's foot, jock itch and ringworm
  • Works on superficial skin infections caused by yeast (candida albicans)
  • Recommended for placement on skin folds and feet and in socks and shoes
  • Ideal for bariatric patient use
  • Powder defends against excess moisture building up in folds and intertriginous areas
  • Moisturizes the skin, serving as a supplement when incontinence or wound drainage are issues
  • Shaker bottle delivers talc-free, non-allergenic and non-sensitizing powder that flows freely and remains in place
Antifungal Thera® 2% Strength Powder 3 oz. Shaker Bottle

Thera® Miconazole Nitrate Antifungal,

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