MedFlats Pharmaceutical Disposal System

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Our Customers love WellBefore!

40,000+ Reviews
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MedFlats Pharmaceutical Disposal System - Pharmaceutical Accessories - Pharmaceutical Disposal System

  • Complete processing and/or disposal of controlled substances (Schedule II – V)
  • Proven model that drives efficiency and outlet to responsibly destroy meds including controls
  • Secure and compliant package for shipping
  • Complete return and disposal solution
  • Access to PharmaLink'\''s easy-to-use web inventory application
  • Pre-paid shipping
  • User friendly solution, requires no training
  • Return processing reports
  • Affordable outlet for to maximize regulatory compliance
  • Identification of credit eligible items
  • Eliminate the risk of diversion
  • Potential to capture return credits
  • Return preparation instructions and support
  • Driven process can scale to meet the needs of any facility, even with multiple locations
  • Witnessed incineration of non-returnable product
  • Cutting edge environmental stewardship
  • Data entry and material handling of all products at PharmaLink'\''s state-of-the-art returns processing center
  • Identification of credit eligible items
  • Waste characterization of all non-returnable products according to regulatory standards
  • Certificates of disposal detailing proof of destruction for nonreturnable items
  • Complete technical support
  • Corporate user access control and corporate reporting for multi-location operations
Pharmaceutical Disposal System MedFlats® 9 X 6 X 3.5 Inch

MedFlats® Pharmaceutical Disposal System, 3½ x 6 x 9 Inch,


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