Needle-Pro Venipuncture Safety Device

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About this item:

  • Meets NIOSH/CDC safety recommendations
  • Single-handed safety feature engagement
  • Visual confirmation of safety activation
  • Hands remain behind the needle
  • Locks needle securely for disposal

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Needle-Pro Venipuncture Safety Device - Specimen Collection Accessories - Venipuncture Safety Device

  • Meets NIOSH/CDC recommendations for safety devices
  • The safety feature is an integral part of the device: It engages with a single-handed technique
  • The phlebotomist can easily tell whether the safety feature is activated
  • The phlebotomist'\''s hands and fingers remain behind the exposed sharp at all times
  • The needle is securely locked inside the safety device and remains protective through disposal
  • Safety device engages the blood draw needle upon activation
  • Holder-based safety minimizes back-end exposures by preventing needle removal and holder re-use, compliant with OSHA directives
  • Compatible with Portex® blood collection needles
Venipuncture Safety Device Needle-Pro® Portex® Blood Collection Needles

Needle-Pro® Venipuncture Safety Device for use with Portex® Blood Collection Needles


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