Pedialyte Classic Oral Electrolyte Solution

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About this item:

  • Prevents dehydration from fluid loss
  • Supports water and sodium absorption
  • Restores zinc and potassium minerals
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Gluten and lactose-free

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Pedialyte Classic Oral Electrolyte Solution - Electrolytes - Oral Electrolyte Solution

  • Pedialyte oral electrolyte solution prevents dehydration after fluid loss due to vomiting or diarrhea
  • It'\''s suitable for infants, children and adults
  • Glucose supports water and sodium absorption
  • It restores lost minerals such as zinc and potassium
  • The 1-liter bottle offers easy pouring and measuring
  • This Pedialyte strawberry flavor solution has a pleasant taste, is free of gluten and lactose and contains no fruit juice
Oral Electrolyte Solution Pedialyte® Classic Strawberry Flavor 33.8 oz. Electrolyte

Pedialyte® Strawberry Electrolyte Solution, 1 Liter,

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