ProCare® Multi-Podus Foot Brace, Medium

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  • Lightweight, quality plastic shell with poly/pile liner to help prevent lower extremity complications associated with trauma or immobility including pressure necrosis, ankle contractures, and post-operative hip abduction or rotation
  • Adjustable toe extension helps protect toes from bedding
  • Anti-rotation bar may be repositioned to assist with internal or external rotation
  • Removable transfer pad on dorsal side for limited ambulating
  • Made with natural rubber
  • 90° upright frame with internal/external rotation in 10° increments helps control foot drop
  • Disposable poly/pile liner helps provide toe and heel protection
  • Fits right or left foot
  • Fits those who wear men shoe size 10 or smaller or women's 11 or smaller and whose calves are 22 inches or less in circumference

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