Provox Laryclip Clip

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About this item:

  • Optimizes airtight attachment of Provox devices
  • Two-piece system with adhesive base and clip
  • Re-attachable hook-and-loop clip
  • Strong FlexiDerm adhesive properties
  • Alternative to the use of neckbands

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Provox Laryclip Clip - Respiratory Accessories - Clip

  • The provox laryclip is a two-piece system that helps to optimize the airtight attachment of the provoxlarybutton and the provox larytube to the stoma
  • It consists of a square adhesive base and a hook-and-loop clip that allows for optimal fit to the wings of the provox larybutton and larytube
  • When the adhesive base is attached to the skin at both sides of the stoma and is eventually removed due to loss of its stickiness, the clip part can be removed and re-attached as needed
  • Increases the usability of the provox larybutton, simple touch fasten/unfasten solution, strong flexiderm adhesive properties
  • May be taped to the most optimal area to the skin around the stoma, an alternative to the use of neckbands
Clip Provox™ Laryclip

Provox™ Laryclip Clip

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