Proximel Silicone Foam Dressing

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Our Customers love WellBefore!

40,000+ Reviews
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Proximel Silicone Foam Dressing - Foam Dressings - Foam Dressing

  • The 6-4/5 x 7-inch Proximel® silicone foam dressing forms a waterproof barrier that guards against bacteria
  • Fluid disperses evenly across the dressings to create an optimal healing environment
  • These perforated, absorbent pads reduce in-growth of new skin and protect against maceration
  • The Hartmann dressings are re-positionable without loosening or fluid leakage
  • Removal is gentle on the skin for minimal disturbance during dressing changes
  • They'\''re suitable for various types of ulcers as well as burns, skin tears and donor sites
Foam Dressing Proximel® 6-4/5 X 7 Inch With Border Waterproof Film Backing Silicone Adhesive Sacral Sterile

Proximel™ Silicone Adhesive with Border Silicone Foam Dressing, 6-4/5 x 7 Inch,


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