Puree Thick-It® 14 / 15 oz. Can Seasoned Chicken Patty / Beef Stew / Beef Lasagna / Beef in Barbecue Sauce / Chicken à la King Flavors Ready to Use Puree Consistency

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  • Thick-It® Purée Variety Packs contain five different and delicious flavors in each case of 12
  • The Purée Protein pack includes Seasoned Chicken Patty, Beef Stew, Beef Lasagna, Beef in Barbecue Sauce (smoke flavor added), and Chicken á la King
  • Convenient—ready-to-eat. Just open, heat, and serve Full flavor—made with real meat
  • Reliable—consistent texture meets dysphagia diet guidelines for IDDSI Level 4 Pureed
  • Versatile—combine with other Thick-It® Purées to create unique, flavorful meals

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