Frame Face Shields - Crystal Clear Vision - Replaceable Visors

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About this item:

  • Clear Plastic Reusable Face Mask Shields With Glasses/Goggles
  • High quality, crystal clear vision
  • Spacious fit, comfortable over most eye-glasses and face masks
  • Anti-fog, maximum visibility
  • Replace easily, reusable

Price: $2.50 ea. One-Time Purchase

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Clear Plastic Reusable Face Mask Shields With Glasses/Goggles

Our clear reusable face shields with glasses/goggles come with comfort fit acrylic glasses that can fit over most eyeglasses, anti-fog and anti-static coating treatment.

Ideal for long time wear as it sits on your face just as eye glasses would. We designed this product with comfort in mind so we made sure that the length and width of the product covered 180 degrees of protection.

  • HIGH QUALITY, CRYSTAL CLEAR: Made of durable Acrylic frames + PET for shields for crystal clear vision.
  • SPACIOUS FIT: Thin & Light. Extra width allows comfortable fitting over most eye-glasses and face masks.
  • ANTI-FOG: Shield (visor) material prevents fog from forming and allows for maximum visibility.
  • REPLACE EASILY: Keep the frames, replace the shields (visors)!
  • REUSABLE: The visor can be cleaned after a few uses with soap and water or wiped with disinfectant.

These frame face shields can be worn with eye glasses and face masks underneath without collision. Keep the frames for unlimited use and replace with shields (visors) separately.

Package: Each face shield is packed in pairs when 2pcs are bought at minimum

Size: ~20cm (width) x 25cm (height)

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