Safe-T-Fill Capillary Blood Collection Tube

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About this item:

  • Coated with K2 EDTA to prevent clotting
  • Color-coded caps for additive identification
  • Pre-assembled with capillary straw and microtube
  • Designed to reduce hemolysis and contamination
  • Suitable for pediatrics and neonates

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Safe-T-Fill Capillary Blood Collection Tube - Tubes - Capillary Blood Collection Tube

  • Great for pediatrics and neonates
  • Pre-assembled with a capillary straw, attached pierceable cap, and a microtube
  • 100% plastic tubes collect microliter volume capillary blood samples from finger and heel sticks
  • Capillary straw and microtube are coated with anticoagulant dipotassium (K2) EDTA (purple cap) to prevent clotting
  • Attached cap is color-coded to designate the type of additive that is in both the capillary tube and the microtube
  • Lot Number, Expiration Date, and fill lines are printed directly on the microtube
  • A complete end-to-end fill of the capillary straw accurately measures the stated fill volume
Safe-T-Fill® Capillary Blood Collection Tube Lithium Heparin Additive 125 µL Pierceable Attached Cap Plastic Tube

Safe-T-Fill® Capillary Blood Collection Tube, 1.1 mm Diameter, 125 µL,

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