SafeTouch Suction Canister

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Our Customers love WellBefore!

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SafeTouch Suction Canister - Suction Canisters and Liners - Suction Canister

  • SafeTouch collection system includes 10 collection canisters, 10 collection canister lids and 10 sets of sealing caps
  • Suction canister is for use with 3/8-inch tubing sets and 7 to 14 millimeter Vacurette® cannulae
  • The completely disposable system protects against accidental exposure to contaminants
  • The tightly sealed system allows use of capped containers to transport tissue and fluids away from patient care areas for disposal
  • See-through tissue traps provide easy visualization and identification of tissue
  • There are ten 1200-mL suction canisters in a case
Suction Canister SafeTouch® Snap-On Lid

Berkeley® SafeTouch® Suction Canister Kit for use with 3/8 Inch Tubing Sets and 7 to 14 mm Vacurette® Cannulae


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