Silipos Digit Pad

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About this item:

  • Contains medical-grade mineral oil
  • Ribbed sleeve reduces friction
  • Hypoallergenic for all skin types
  • Eases footwear pressure
  • Washable for repeated use

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Silipos Digit Pad - Ankle, Foot and Toe - Digit Pad

  • Silipos digital pads feature medical-grade mineral oil to condition and moisturize the affected area
  • The ribbed sleeve forms a protective barrier around the affected area to reduce friction and abrasion
  • Hypoallergenic large/extra-large digital pads are suitable for all skin types
  • They ease footwear pressure to the toes
  • The fabric material is washable for repeated use
Digit Pad Silipos® Large / X-Large Without Closure Foot

Silipos Digital Pads, Large/Extra-Large,

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