Single / Double Electric Breast Pump Spectra S2 Plus

Our Customers love WellBefore!

Our Customers love WellBefore!

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  • The S2 is quiet and discreet for soothing pumping, and yet weighs only
  • 3 lbs
  • Single or double pump capability
  • Vacuum suction up to L12
  • 270 mmHg
  • Built in night-light

  • Powerful 270 mmHg suction strength and adjustable suction levels for comfortable pumping
  • Closed system with backflow protection to guard against bacteria
  • Works as single or double pump
  • Massage mode which simulates the natural suckling of baby, and backflow protection to keep breast milk from harmful bacteria, make this a great choice for hospital-grade pumping that doesn'\''t compromise on convenience
  • Built-in night light
  • In addition to pump, kit includes: two 24-millimeter Spectra breast flanges; two 28-millimeter Spectra breast flanges; two Spectra tubes; two Spectra duckbill valves; two Spectra backflow protectors; silicone membranes for each backflow protector; two Spectra wide neck storage bottles with nipple, cap, disc, and lid for each bottle; Spectra 12-volt AC power adapter
Single / Double Electric Breast Pump Kit Spectra S2 Plus

Spectra S2 Plus Single / Double Electric Breast Pump Kit


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